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Seattle based DJ Ben Meadow has been treating Northwest dance floors to his love of various genres and unique, playful and smart approach to mixing for almost 15 years. Meadow Mobile Sound was started in 2013 to cater specifically to Wedding, Corporate and other private clients. In addition to a musical experience above and beyond what most Mobile DJs offer, clients working with Ben or any of his associates receive thoughtful, responsive customer service and top quality sound systems scaled to suit any size room and crowd.


Hiring a private DJ is a much different experience than going to see one in a club. Perhaps the biggest difference is the client is entitled to hear exactly what they want. Ben works closely with all his clients to make sure their personal tastes are reflected in the soundtrack to the event while at the same time drawing on his years of experience in anywhere from dive bars to clubs and festivals to 5 Star hotels, to read the crowd and make sure the music fits just right.

Along with all that experience and perhaps because of it Ben is a highly versatile DJ and music programmer. If you are a super passionate and particular about music and could without thinking too much come up with a 6hr Spotify list of obscure favorites or you’re more casual about music and just want a super talented DJ to pick most of the tunes and wow your guests you can rest assured Ben will take care of you.